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  • What is the guarantee that your products are worthy of price?

    This is a genuine concern of all online buyers. After all, we only look at the images. We can't feel the product. At times we all have had bad experiences. At Piouspick, we understand this. We believe in excellence of customer satisfaction. We cannot have long association with our customers and will miss the organic growth (word of mouth) unless we delivered worth for money. Rest assured that          whatever you buy from us will be worthy of its value.

  • In case of an issue, after selling a product, sellers mostly ignore clients. What about you?

    Our customers are our livelihood. We want them to at least once check with us whenever they are seeking any merchandise we can also offer.  This cannot happen unless we are sensitive. We promptly   and sincerely assume responsibility for all issues which we can and should address. For us, you are a VVIP, after you have bought from us.

  • Do I have to register to checkout on Piouspick?

    No, you can checkout as a guest. But we recommend you to register and create your account to avail our offers and many other opportunities. Sometimes the prices are unbelievably affordable. So why miss?

  • How do I register?

    You can register by clicking login. Fill few details and you are done.

  • Do I have to disclose my Email & Phone Number for Registration?

    Yes. We assure you that your details will be kept confidential. These details will enable us to share      seasonal offers and other important information with you.

  • How do I reset my password?

    Click login and "Forgot my Password". You will then be guided to reset your password.

  • Is my personal information secure? How can I edit my personal info?

    It is absolutely secure, don’t you worry! We ensure that the data you have entered is strictly confidential. It’ll just help us understand you better so that we can provide you better services in the             future. To edit your personal info, you can visit “My Account” to make the changes you want.

  • How do I unsubscribe from your services?

    You can Subscribe/Unsubscribe from our services in “My Account” section.

  • How do I contact Pious?

    You can Call us at 9212250710 or email us at for all your queries, requests, and complaints.

  • How do I know my size?

    We have provided size charts for each product. You can also click the link "Measurements" provided under Customer Care in the footer of the home page.

  • What happens if my credit/debit card has been compromised while making a payment online?

    We do not collect or store your credit card information. If you suspect any such thing, then please report this immediately to your bank.

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