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Our Pricing

We offer worth for money.

In a competitive business environment, pricing for anyone is the most challenging task. It is one of the business survival benchmarks. Conceiving and manufacturing is a matter of resources but packaging the product for customers determines longevity of a venture.

"I paid a good amount for this dress and see what quality do you get these days. It is nothing but a piece of rag." This and such statements are commonly made. And to a good extent they are true. But to understand we have to deliberate on two different situations in which such complements are made.

The first situation is when a heavily embellished product is beautifully captured on a model and offered at a seemingly very low price. The stunning image at that price makes you jump out of your bed. You feel you have hit a jackpot. You daily come across such examples on net. To cite - a heavily embroidered bridal Lehanga shot on a Bollywood actress offered at Rs. 3,500.00. There are many lesser exaggerated offers too. But obviously this purchase is headed for a disaster.

The other situation is where a dress is offered as stitched out of, let us assume, crepe. Crepe is an expensive fabric. But name crepe can be misleading. Within pure crepe you have a range of variants  based on weight with huge price differences. Then you have polyester replicas and blends priced as low as Rs. 50-60 per sq. meter while pure crepe would cost in excess of Rs.300 per sq. meter. For the sake of an example a dress made out of low priced crepe variant can be offered for as low as Rs. 500-600 and a pure crepe dress would sell at Rs. 2000 and above. Obviously the variant, worded as just crepe, becomes enticing and can lure even the toughest. In fact situation can be worse. Ignorant customers have been made to believe dupion as silk because of its luster. Computer embroideries are being sold as hand embroidery.

Both the situations are deceitful.

We keep miles away from indulging in such practices. If we use a cheaper variant, we display it emphatically. Why do we have to use cheaper variants is simple to understand?

Inflation has rendered many fabrics unaffordable; out of reach for many. This has been worsened by increasing other direct and indirect costs. Thankfully with growing technology, fabric manufacturers have been able to blend and weave out versions which resemble and feel as rich as the pure fabric and are durable making all smile. Some new fabrics have also evolved and new ones are being constantly developed. With computers, we can now offer most intricate embroideries very cheap. These developments have enabled dress makers keep prices stable despite ever steep rise in costs.

But then at Piouspick we are careful and stay away from poor quality fabrics. In order to manufacture products to fit all pockets, we have to use various inputs. However, even for the most affordable dresses, we at least use respectable quality of fabrics even if it means thinner margins to us.

Another important aspect of pricing is the marketing and selling costs which get added on. Generally when you are buying a dress from a vendor selling on a market place, the products get expensive due to additional margins required by the market place. When you are buying directly from a vendor's site, you benefit. And the differences can be huge. We also sell on some market places, but we ensure that we absorb the margins paid to the market place. Our prices are at par across online outlets.

This is how we price our merchandise. 

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