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Our quality assurance

We follow highest order of quality practices from sourcing to packing.

In strict contrast to many other industries, fashion industry requires innumerable inputs from across a wide spectrum of raw material suppliers and service providers. Our industry is characterized with ever changing input variables. In order to keep pace with changing trends and be a front runner in serving our customers with the latest,  we confront a situation of constantly shifting raw material supplier base. Further the suppliers are mostly small and unorganized. These factors make sourcing task painful. Given our dependence on suppliers,  we have to regularly deal with problems like color bleeding, bobbling, pilling, unwanted blends, weaving defects, stitching quality, sizing, et al. However, with experience we now have a team that can pre-empt such issues. And it shows in our products.

Most of our products are made in our own facility. However ever growing demand sometimes compels us to outsource some processes like stitching, finishing and packing. It takes lot of effort to orient different teams of service providers to ensure uniformity of quality parameters. Over years through a process of selection and elimination we now have a team of dependable service providers. Nonetheless,  it is a continuous process. We have quality assurance personnel who keep touring these service suppliers to ensure that whatever we pack confirms to our quality standards. At times we do not hesitate to lose if a consignment is damaged irreparably. But we are committed to deliver highest quality products.

Besides the processes we ensure that prices at which you buy our products justify quality of fabric, concept, embellishments and making. So we guarantee worth for money.

But that is just product and process quality. We believe that quality should exude pan organization. Which means that it must completely take care of excelling in customer satisfaction. And if that be so, just the product is a very small part. Quality has to be ensured while pricing the products, offering discounts, designing, displaying, selling and post sale service. The last one is where we get extremely customer sensitive. We wish that you leave us delightfully every time you buy from us only to visit us soon. These are the values we practice to grow our business.

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