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Our team

Any successful venture is a collective effort of a cohesive team. A devoted cohesive team is the result of work satisfaction. Pious has been able to gradually develop a team of dedicated managers and skilled labor force.

Two most important ingredients for developing a passionate work force are payables management and rapport.  Pious pays all its dues well in time. Employee is a bad word. We treat all as our partners. While our material suppliers and service providers are happy to extend us unimaginable credit terms, we like to pay them immediately. Personal matters can affect office work and vice-versa. The two cannot be isolated. We recognize this and always keep track of well being of our partners. It is our routine to address and help them resolve not only their concerns in the office but also personal issues. And we get rewarded too by their incessant support.

We have been in the business for over two decades now. Most of our members and suppliers are as old as the business is, evincing trust in the organization. Led by their founder, they all cherish values of highest order and have often compromised growth and personal gains for customer satisfaction. And this is our way forward.

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