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Pious merchandise

Although as an offline store we have been making and selling both Indian and Western wear, we started selling kurtas online to start with. Gradually we included Fusion and Western wear.  We continue to innovate and grow our range.

While creating our designs we are cautious about matching tops and bottoms, contemporary and traditional products and types, range of colors, number of styles, variety of fabrics, awesome embellishments and a wider price range.

 The products are designed in house as well as sourced from project based designers coming from different states with a rich background of varied crafting customs across the country. This ensures  an assortment of designing marvel.

Another noteworthy feature of our merchandise is that we are one of the stores who bring you products made out of mill printed fabrics available in limited quantities. To elaborate, for a particular design, a manufacturer only buys certain quantity of fabric initially. However if the design sells well, the same fabric has to be sourced again. This is the reason that mostly products are made using cuts and styles,  block printing, screen printing, computer embroideries etc. on plain fabrics. These can be repeated as many times as required. This is also important to absorb the cost of model shooting over a large inventory. In contrast to many other stores, not caring about loaded cost of the shoot, we pick up mill printed fabrics, even if available in limited quantities, only to bring you varied collection.

Our merchandize is never short of stock. And if a design is sold out, you will not find it on our site. If you checked out with a product you will surely receive it. We don't break hearts, we make them. Sometimes, but rarely, when the last bunch of stock of a design unexpectedly flies off quickly and we are in the process of remaking that design, there could be a delay. But a short delay. Not more than couple of days.

If you are bulk buyer for your own retailing or trading, the situation differs. In that case please use the link given in the footer on our home page and send us a message. We will immediately respond.

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